Essay within the History of Accounting

The of accounting is as old as civilization and is one of the most important occupations in monetary and ethnical development. Most of what we learn about the daily lives of ancient persons comes from accounting records, including inventories and sales information, found at ancient sites. People in all cultures have taken care of various types of records of business activities and the original known data kept will be the clay tablet records to get the repayment of pay in the Mesopotamian Valley around 3500 BC.

The Mesopotamian Area is now mainly in the boundaries of War. The Pit, which included the location of Babylon, was a particularly rich area of agriculture. As farmers prospered, support businesses and little industries produced and the area became a regional center for economic commerce. Actually the Babylonian Empire was your most powerful condition in that time and Babylonian became the language of business and politics.

The Mesopotamian equivalent of today's accountant was the scribe. Scribes invented record keeping systems. They also kept working inventories of wealth, operate, and homage payments. Temples or wats, palaces and businesses applied hundreds of scribes, and it was considered a prestigious career. Clay, which has been plentiful in the area, was molded to size after which the information required was drafted into the clay-based with a sharp wooden fishing rod. The clay-based tablet was then dried out and was kept as being a permanent record.

The Egyptians also applied a system similar to the Babylonians. Instead of the clay tablets, they applied papyrus, which in turn allowed those to create more detailed records. These records were retained for the royals to document their particular " in kind" taxes payments. The Egyptian accountants were needed to be honest and accurate, if perhaps they were certainly not they were punished by fine, mutilation or perhaps death.

The Greeks in about six hundred B. C. introduced gave money. Though coined cash took time to be widespread, it was an important...

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