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 Retail Advertising Case Study - the Body Store in Hk Essay

Group Assignment

Program Code: 2096MKT Course Subject: Retail Marketing Convener: Doctor Owen Wright

Group Members: Cheng Kwok Hung, Dab (2815157) Ng Wun Ying, Tiffany (2815764) Wan Po Yee, Lilian (2815159)

Deadline: 06-01-2011 Term Count: 3710

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Program

Stand of Items

Executive Overview 1 . Literary works Review 1 . 1 Durability 1 . two Store Design and style 1 . a few Sustainable Shop Design installment payments on your Introduction of The Body Store 3. Case Study: The Body Store 3. one particular Current Shop Design a few. 1 . 1 Store Facilities 3. 1 ) 2 Retail outlet Layout 3. 1 . three or more Merchandise spatial planning 3. 1 . some Visual Merchandising 4. Suggestion 5. Bottom line 6. References 1 a couple of 2 several 6 several 8 almost eight 9 10 12 13 14 twenty three 24



Professional Summary

In Hong Kong, the idea of sustainability is not well-known in the retailing industry, especially in the store design and style. Therefore , this kind of report is always to study the sustainability of retailing in Hong Kong regarding the store design and style.

Firstly, the literature review explains that what durability and shop design is. Sustainability is identified as the ability preserving the particular status or process in existing program. That can be give attention to three various parts: (1) Environmental, (2) Sociable and (3) Economic. With this part, we also stated the objective of retail outlet design as well as the four significant categories on hand design: (1) Store Infrastructure, (2) Retail store Layout, (3) Merchandising Space Planning and (4) Visual Merchandise.

Second part of the statement is the current situation of the retailing market. We have selected the selling store, which can be The Body Store located with the Sai Yeung Choi Road South, to get our case study. By watching the store, all of us analysis and stated the current store design and style base for the four significant categories. And evaluate whether the current retail store design is sustainable or not.

Finally, after the statement and the evaluation of the sustainable retail store design, we deliver some tips for The Body Shop to improve the sustainability with their store style in that store.


1 ) Literature Review

1 . one particular Sustainability

Sustainability is defined as the capacity maintaining the certain position or process in existing system. In the World Commission about Environment and Development (WCED 1987), that defined „sustainability‟ as " Meeting the needs with the present with no compromising the power of foreseeable future generations in order to meet their own requires. ”

Sustainable indicators could be grouped in three major parts: Environmental, Social and Economics. 1 ) Environmental: To be sure that the job will not cause any unwanted damage and irreversible results on the environment. 2 . Social: To make sure that there is not any harmful effects upon the society or any type of result in inequality. 3. Economics: To make sure that a result of the project is in healthy consumption and production patterns. Also it can obtain economic rewards in an effective and effecient way.

Inside the businesses, working with following guide lines would cause the environmentally friendly business: " 1 . Exchange nationally and internationally developed items with products produced locally and regionally. installment payments on your Take responsibility for the results they have for the natural community.


several. Do not need exotic options for capital to be able to develop and grow. some. Engage in production processes that are human, worthwhile, dignified, and intrinsically satisfying. 5. Create objects of durability and long-term energy whose ultimate use or disposition are not harmful to long term generations. six. Change buyers to clients through education. ”1

While retailers, they can run their very own business towards a more sustainable way in order to save the entire world. Environmentally, they can helps to decrease the damage to environment through employing recycled, replenishable, and eco-friendly materials. Likewise they can use one of the most energy-efficient equipment and technologies. In the Sociable way, they will create a clean, safer and a healthier working region for employees. Last but not...