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 Rabbit Resistant Fence Exploration Paper

In " Rabbit Resistant Fence” directed by Phillip Noyce, the primary themes inside the film will be the loss of a home and family and the strong connect with friends and family. From the landscape depicting Molly, Gracie and Daisy's voyage back home, the audience observes the struggle they face as they travel truck miles through unfamiliar area to return to all their land, all their homes and families. It reveals Molly's ambition to come back to her Mother. Phillip Noyce conveys this to the visitors by the use of camera angles and editing.

The scene of Molly and Daisy last steps to Jigalong is presented through the use of different camera angles. Bird's eye take on the two siblings as they rest on the ground, collapsed by the tiredness and severe hot weather, the camera zooms in deeper each second on them. This kind of angle shot shows the value of the two, their good bond kept them throughout the journey arriving all the way to go back into the presence of a mom. It focuses on the determination and braveness the siblings have as they struggle to settle up, it provides a sense of closeness and worth of relatives.

Another camera angle is definitely the long shot of the women as they are walking towards Jigalong, it demonstrate effects it has on them although they are going for walks along the Rabbit Proof Wall, it constructs the idea of stress and despression symptoms of being separated from their relatives, their long journey by proves what human soul can complete, they are identified to return to their mother. The long shot also reveals the distance to home. The slow-motion comes in because they begin to break down onto the floor, struggle to take themselves up, the trip home got affected all of them emotionally and physically.

Close-up shots of Molly's confront reveals her emotions as you could genuinely see the pain she faces. The sweating pours down her face as your woman sits in the grass, it has been modified and shown in slow-motion, the effect shows the strength of will and her desert success skills acquired helped from living in the outback the girl had...