pych hw 7 individuality Essay

п»їPSY 102: Psychology now Sarah Dhanpaul Instructor: Darlene Rozon

FALL 2014

Homework #7 (Personality)

1 ) Based on the psychoanalytic point of view, Carlos's superego which consists of our standards/morals was curbing his identification which is linked to self-indulgence. The conflict involving the two bonding systems that struggled to meet Carlos's impulses while maintaining an extent of restraint likely could have induced Carlos to build up the paralysis in his right arm.

2a. Defense mechanisms will be tactics individuals use not directly and unconsciously to in some way distort their particular reality with all the intention of reducing or perhaps removing a stressful situation in their lives.


We. Regression- The individual returns into a childlike state (or previous psychological state) to escape present anxiety-inducing situations. II. Response formation- A person applying this defense mechanism deals with stress in the precise opposite approach they think, for example like laughing hysterically when a priceless possession of their own has been taken. III. Projection- This person might disguise their particular deplorable thoughts/feelings and behaviours by projecting them upon others. IV. Rationalization- The individual would pardon their unpleasant behaviors/actions by providing themselves with understated, difficult to rely on excuses and ignore the true reasons behind their actions. Sixth is v. Displacement- You are likely to use this security mechanism to stop harm by diverging their inappropriate activities towards a much more acceptable or harmless object/ person instead. VI. Denial- Many people exhibit this kind of defense system, which is the denial of painful occasions in an effort to safeguard themselves.

3a. Freud developed five psychosexual stages of advancement, the initially being the oral level lasting approximately 18 months from birth, the other was the anal stage coming from 18-36 several weeks, the third being the phallic stage during years 3-6, the fourth was the latency stage from age group six till puberty and the last...