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 Native Americans in america Essay

Local American because Told by me

Mike Ickes

ENG121: English Composition

Instructor: Clinton Hale

February three or more, 2013

Native Americans have many distinct beliefs and a different tradition compared to what most of us are accustomed to. Imagine growing up in a world with no fear of walking exterior. A world in which we were most dressed the same. The only sounds that are heard will be those of a beating drum and every aspect that makes up nature. We all know each other and judge based upon beliefs or race. Religious beliefs does not level at a single god, but for our mother as globe and our father being sky. The primary belief is that we are all related and not one individual stands more than another. We am Local American. Growing up my personal mother was and still is part of the Nature Daughters drum group intended for the Shawnee tribe. I am able to remember getting up day after day during nowhere, between nothing but woods and a river. The only noises read in the early on mornings were those of the birds chirruping, standing out as a fire whistle would in the city. The drum likewise beats over and over again and is similar to that of a steam engine going down the track. In my experience this is peaceful and leaves nothing to fear. No money, simply no violence, and the love for just one another is all that matters. We would walk out of my hut and everyone is dressed a similar, as if a brand new world by no means came. Protected in regalia made of skins from deer to skunk, faces painted everywhere I actually look. Yet dressed since this, not any fingers are pointed accordingly particular term spoken of what we have confidence in known as free of charge. There is a almost holy circle which has a fire that never ends. We move around this just like the eagle increases. Our only commitment to this is to relinquish our value to the the planet, just as the eagle gowns never stuck, forever free of charge. Every path I seem there is a grinning face. The morning to day living is not a set plan, but really an accomplishment most of us want to complete. To the left tomahawks are being made...