My Country Essay


You cannot find any one in the world who does certainly not love his, or her motherland. Actually birds really like their nests. Being human beings, we all cherish our countries. Additionally , most want to serve because of their countries in each role.

Like everyone, I am challenge of my country. The name of my region is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, commonly shortened to Myanmar. It is placed between latitudes 9° and 102° East. Myanmar is usually an independent and member nation of ASEAN Community. It is bordered simply by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Asia. It has about 1200 kilometers of contiguous coastline over the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Ocean. Myanmar is the world's 40th largest country with total area of 262000 square a long way. It is also a populated country as its population is over 51 millions. Myanmar is situated in Dry Region. But , they have fine weather all year. It is not necessarily too warm in summertime, and freezing in the winter. It really is colder inside the north portion than in the south portion. And, the central part is fairly dry out. In the north part of the region, many mountains form the edge with Cina. Khakaborazi, found in Kachin Condition, at an height of 19295 feet, is definitely the highest justification in Myanmar, along with, in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there are many pile ranges, such as the Rakhine Yoma, the Bago Yoma plus the Shan Hills. Most of them manage north-to-south. You can also get many streams. Among them, it truly is Ayeyarwaddy River that is the lengthiest river in Myanmar. Moreover, forests, including dense tropical grownth and valuable teak in decrease Myanmar, cover over 49% of the country. So it is also a major business of conveying the timber, and wooden products. Myanmar is broken into seven claims and eight regions. Regarding 135 different ethnic groupings live in all those states and regions in unity and peace. Most of its people are Bamars and perhaps they are Buddhists and some are other beliefs, Christians, Hindus and Islam. People live in the country part are more within the city. Myanmar is an...