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The New Digital Strategy; A Leader in ECR Implementation


Back in 2000, the internet was appearing as a new distribution route that would transform the grocery store industry by providing a powerful sales and marketing communications network to get the direct sale of food to the buyer. The internet was also a guaranteeing tool intended for the way that business to business orders would happen. There were fresh opportunities to gain efficiencies in the supply cycle and in the distribution programs. Given that the grocery sector is extremely competitive, Fully Clingman the chief executive and CEO of They would. E. N. Grocery Company are putting renewed focus on technology and new systems to find greater business and to present better consumer convenience. They would. E. N is also in the process of putting into action (CRM) consumer relation managing systems to higher serve their customers. A new organization structure was announced to intensify this company's rapidly evolving technology, but are these claims the best way to increase the business? Precisely what are the opponents doing? Are these used phone systems and solutions going to easily be adopted by their suppliers? They are all important concerns that they must ask themselves in moving forward with this new technique.

The market is changing and so are the purchasers, they want nearby convenience in low prices. On the web grocery shopping has become more popular and H. At the. B need to protect all their market share and so they are going to upgrade their web-site to further support this developing trend. H. E. B has also organized to launch a transactional pharmacy web-site to further their very own value added on the web services. Even though the internet appears promising, does H. E. B actually want to grow all their business through this method? or should they stick to their original bricks and mortar approach? In addition they are contemplating the use of dedication cards in order to get person customer info at the point of sales, the cash. This will give H. E. W the data it needs to forecast new products or perhaps the slow movers from the fast movers, nevertheless would consumers be ready to adopt these kinds of a credit card? H. Elizabeth. B is also going through the strengthening all their supply string by using (SRS) and (POS) data. These kinds of systems have proved to be efficient but present different challenges such as integration and use by the supplier to benefit both parties is in question.

Heading back three years, because the middle of 1997 approached, Fully Clingman is pleased with you can actually performance because they have jumped from thirteenth to 10th in the industry. In spite of these success, H. Electronic. B was concerned about some overall new trends. The typical customer was moving away from shopping to at this point eating in restaurants and eating prepared foods. Clients and their lifestyles are changing and L. E. W is now asking what need to change and just how will the strategies of the business change to support their customers? To hold ahead of the mass merchants and club retailers H. Electronic. B must continue to find supply method innovations to lower costs. They would. E. N feels that there has been excessive emphasis on strategies however rather than enough give attention to the consumer. That they performed holder analysis, figuring out what people are buying and subsequently improved scanner precision to 99. 8%, which opened up new opportunities. Basket analysis nevertheless revealed some problems inside the suppliers' division processes. To correct these challenges H. Elizabeth. B has become looking at reader based obligations, electronic tagging, continuous renewal, cross-docking and computerized retail outlet ordering and other logistic chances. H. E. B needs to decide what are their new strategies likely to be? What new technology are available? When are they gonna be able to implement these technologies? How much they would cost? These are generally some of the questions the L. E. W is currently requesting them selves to further grow the organization, gain more market share and many importantly...