If I Can Change The Wor Essay

п»ї" If I Can Change The World"

" What would you do should you could change the world? " is no easy issue to answer for a few people. You will discover endless solution to that problem because there are limitless ways to replace the world. All of us have a different vision of how they think the world must be. But now I am going to let you in on slightly sneek-peek on my vision of how the world should really be. To begin with whenever this rains, dollars would drop out of the sky. It would snow in the Carribbean and the snow would be cash. Fives, tens, twenties, 50s, hundreds and even thousands! Even though there is originate, it would be a true blessing in householder's lives, only because the hail would be car keys to vehicles. Not merely any automobiles. Vehicles just like Mustangs, BMWs, Lamborghinis, Mercedes Benz, ATVs and even T-Rexs. " Is that all? " you might ask. Well the answer then is " No". As a matter of fact, We am just getting warmed up. Parents would not have to go to work. They will just sleep and when that they wake up, there would be over a million dollars under thier pickup bed. Teachers can be free from instructing and they would get everything free. Students can be free from school, they would simply just take off a side of thier sneakers and shake it. And " Voila"! With a little bit of abra-kadabara money will fall out. So with everyone getting rich. Everything would cost you a million us dollars and more. The moral of life would really be that money will always be on the fingertips of every human being with your life. Animals would be able to talk and tell us every thing going on all their lives. Nobody would age, we would all be forever small. That's every for now, mainly because as I said, it had been just a sneek-peek of my personal vision. This is how the world will be if I could change the universe.