Hardware Replacement Project Essay

Hardware Replacement Project

Ronald Hanson

IT 205

August up to 29, 2010

Shane Wehkamp

This kind of project should start with a project management strategy. Project administration activities consist of planning the job, assessing risk, estimating resources required to complete the work, organising the work, obtaining human and material resources, assigning responsibilities, directing actions, controlling task execution, reporting progress, and analyzing the results (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). At a very minimum one should constantly consider five major parameters: scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. One of the first steps in the process is usually to determine what adjustments will and will not always be included. In this case the Information Technology (IT) department has chosen to replace the customer relationship software within their corporate office buildings, which requires upgrading the hardware that drives the device. Time is usually a major concern with any project. The time virtually any project is going to take depends greatly on the range of that job. If the opportunity consists of updating or adjusting one computer the time factor may be inconsequential. However , if the scope requires exchanging an entire network, the timeframe could be very extensive. Expense is also greatly dependent upon the scope. Considering reason the cost is straight related to the scope, small the range, the smaller the price and vice versa. The actual range of the project will determine the cost. Does the product fulfill the objectives which were outlined? The standard of the new system should be one of the first, if not really the 1st, items regarded. Many different client relationship administration packages are present. Which one is going to best meet the objectives? Studies commonly required to determine this factor. A bad decision may result in loss of existing and future revenue. The potential risks that may slow down the success of the implementation also need to be considered. Just like any task, the risks may possibly prolong the project period, thereby...

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