Essay in Freindship


riendship is not finding

Rare metal or Silver precious metal among d rocks of life.

It really is accepting each other as coal

till Diamonds are produced through time.

======== (2) =========

Ishq ke gamon ka koi hisab nahi,

ye aag ka driya hai koi fish sailab nahi.

Sach kehte hai log aashiq tadaf-tadaf k mar jate haifisch,

kyun e ishq e rog ka koi ilaaj nahi.

======== (3) =========

Our frndship is like a kite,

u r the color paper of kite.

persons c & appriciate u.

I meters the line, [pic]

hidden to people

bt always with u.

======== (4) =========

Whats existence?

What u make it to w

Whats delight?

What your heart sees

Whats luv?

Precious in the event that true. [pic]

Whats a friendly relationship?

Nothing with no u!

======== (5) =========

Hamare aansu puch kar wo muskuraate ha,

unki yehi adaa se bei wem dil ko churaate st?lla till med ett.

haath unka chu jaye hamaare chehre ko,

isi ummid myself khud ko ham rulaate hain

======== (6) =========[pic]

Hamara mijaz aapne dekha nahi,

hasane ka andaz aap nenni dekha nahi.

aap rutho to sahi,

hamara ruthon ko manane ka andaz

aapne dekha nahi.

======== (7) =========

Losing m person u luv damages.

Sum persons says u vil conquer it conveniently,

but its realy tough,

[pic]spcialy whn m 1 u loved

was d only 1 u ever before loved.

======== (8) =========

Labo ki hasi tere naam ker denge,

her khushi tujh per kurban ker denge.

Jis noise hogi kami mere pyar me,

zindgi maut e naam ker denge.

======== (9) =========

[pic]No audio in dis world

may be more even louder than silence.

and if sum1 cannot undrstand ur peace and quiet,

they can nevr undrstand your words.

======== (10) =========

Uski baato ko bar-2 yad kar k roye,

uske liye khuda e dar pe faryiad karke roye.

Uski khushi k liye work with chod diya,

[pic]phir work with kisi or k sath aabad kar k roye.

======== (11) =========

Not any sPeciAL ReasON

4 this kind of meSsage.

i JuSt wanT to STeal

just one mOmeNt

oUt oF yOuR daY

aNd desire

tO maKe yOu laugh

wheN i sAy:..