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The Grammardog Guide to


by Jane Shelley

All exercises make use of sentences in the novel. Includes over 250 multiple choice questions.

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FRANKENSTEIN simply by Mary Shelley – Grammar and Style

Almost all exercises work with sentences from the novel.

TABLE OF ITEMS Exercise you Exercise a couple of Parts of Presentation

25 multiple choice questions

..... 3..... a few

Proofreading: Punctuational, Capitalization, Punctuation

12 multiple choice questions

Exercise a few -

Proofreading: Spelling, Increased, Punctuation

12 multiple choice questions

..... 6

Exercise four Exercise a few -

Basic, Compound, and Complex Paragraphs

25 mcq

..... 7..... being unfaithful


25 multiple choice questions on direct items, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, indirect objects, and items of prepositions

Exercise 6th -


24 mcq on prepositional, appositive, gerund, infinitive, and participial phrases

.... 11

Exercise 7 Work out 8 Workout 9 -

Verbals: Gerunds, Infinitives, and Participles

twenty-four multiple choice questions

.... 13.... 15.... 17


twenty-five multiple choice questions

Design: Figurative Vocabulary

24 mcq on metaphor, simile, representation, and onomatopoeia

FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley – Grammar and Style STAND OF MATERIAL Exercise 10 Style: Graceful Devices 25 multiple choice questions about assonance, consonance, alliteration, duplication, and vocally mimic eachother

.... 19

Physical exercise 11 Exercise 12 -

Style: Sensory Imagery

25 multiple choice questions

.... 21.... 23

Style: Allusions

20 multiple choice questions in literary, religious, historical, mythological allusions

Work out 13 Work out 14 Workout 15 Workout 16 Response KeyGlossary -

Style: Literary Analysis – Selected Verse 1

six multiple choice questions

.... twenty-five.... 27.... up to 29.... 31.... 33.... 35

Design: Literary Examination – Picked Passage two

6 multiple choice questions

Style: Literary Analysis – Selected Passageway 3

6 multiple choice questions

Design: Literary Research – Chosen Passage 5

6 mcq

Answers to Exercises 1-16 Definitions of Terms Found in Literary Evaluation


Identify the complements inside the following content. Label the underlined phrases: d. to. = immediate object my spouse and i. o. sama dengan indirect object o. l. = thing of preposition p. and. = predicate nominative g. a. sama dengan predicate appositive


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