Essay in Environmental Scientific research chap six and seventeen review

п»їChapter six

-Factors that determine a biome: Temperatures and percipitation -Attributes of deserts: low percipitation, high in mineral content material, located leeward side of rain darkness -Characteristics of grasslands: wealthiest soil in the world, benefits from fireplace, human influence includes cultivation and rangeland -Characteristics of tundra: Low vegetation, short growing time of year, cold winter seasons, water is usually locked up in snow and ice -Difference between alpine vs . arctic tundra: Alpine has more photo voltaic radiation, warm in summer time, lots of gusts of wind and extremely soil -Tropical rain forests: warm all year round, garden soil is thin, acidic and nutrient poor. Human affects include logging (agriculture, solid wood harvesting) exploration (erosion, water containment) 1-1/2 acres are destroyed every second -Taiga coniferous forests are used for daily news

-Deciduous forests are used for real wood like home furniture, cabinets -Damaging corral reefs:

1 ) high salinity

installment payments on your pollution

3. overfishing

four. tourism

five. global warming

-Factors deciding biodiversity: Sun rays and oxygen

-Mangrove forests: Warm equivilent of salt marshes. Their interlacing roots happen to be breeding grounds and nurseries for several important fish -Nekton: Bigger, more firmly swimming microorganisms like these people own in turtles and whales -Neritic Province: place from coastline to interesting depth of two hundred meters. Enough light penetrates to support photosynthesis -Oceanic Region: area in open water w/ normal water depths higher than 200 meters. Organisms adapt to dark environment. -Wetland soil are full of nutrients. Swamps are esturine habitat w/ forest and marshes are esturine habitat w/out forest -Zones in the lake:

-Littoral zone: most efficient zone, the natural photosynthesis is finest -Limnetic area: open drinking water beyone littoral zone, stretches down so far as light penetrates, microscopic microorganisms -Profundal sector: Beneath limnetic zone, shallow lakes don't have

Chapter 18

-Biodiversity: The number, variety, and variability of Earth's creatures. Important b/c humans depend upon the...