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SBI General Insurance Company Ltd.

PERSONAL INCIDENT INSURANCE POLICY –POLICY SCHEDULE This Policy Plan is be subject to the stipulations of the Master Policy Number 137300-0000-00 described on the Certificate of Insurance (COI) given to Covered (Account Holder) based on his/her Proposal and payment from the Premium. The Certificate of Insurance records the contract between Insured (Account older) and SBI General Insurance carrier and aims the brief terms of insurance as well as the obligations of each party as below: Expert Policy No: 137300-0000-00 Expert Policy Powerful: From 09/09/2012(00: 00 hrs) To: 08/09/2014 Midnight. Certificate No: Since Printed in CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE Intermediary Name & Code: Condition Bank of India Covered Name: Insured Person Term: ADDRESS: Merchandise Type: Insurance Opted: State Bank of India (Savings Bank/Individual Saving account holders) Cost savings Bank/Individual Saving account holders of State Traditional bank of India Name as Stated in License of Insurance As stated in CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE Personal Accident Insurance Accidental Loss of life (AD) only (Notwithstanding the benefits stated in the attached insurance plan wording, the coverage underneath this coverage is restricted to Accidental Loss of life benefit simply. ) Rs. 400, 500 (Rupees 4 Lacs Only) As stated in CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE As stated in LICENSE OF INSURANCE 1 year through the date of transaction as well as date of debit of premium. As stated in CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE Bank Part: As stated in CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE

SBI General Business office: Registered Office: 101-201-301. Natraj, Junction of Western Exhibit Highway & Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069.

Total Insured: Cost savings Bank /Individual Current AIRCONDITIONING No: Purchase Date / Date of Debit of premium: Period of Insurance: Nominee (Name & Relationship):

Further Conditions: Exemption No . 1 under the Basic Exclusions in the Group Personal Accident Coverage stands erased.

Premium Information (Per Covered by insurance Person) High grade Particulars: Low Premium Add Service Tax: Add: Education Cess: Add: Higher Education Cess: Final Premium: For SBI General Insurance Company Limited Authorised Signatory Significant Note: Insurance is a contract of Utmost Uberrima fides requiring the Insured not just in disclose all information related to his health and which has a bearing within the acceptance or rejection from the Proposal by the Insurer but also to never suppress virtually any factual details in response to the questions inside the proposal contact form. Please examine this Policy along with Certificate of Insurance issued there under. In the event of any kind of discrepancy, contact toll free quantities (1800 22 1111 as well as 1800 102 1111) with the Insurer quickly, it becoming noted that Policy will probably be otherwise viewed as being totally in order. Every terms, circumstances and exclusions as per standard Policy wordings attached with this routine. Premium Sum

As appropriate on the Particular date of transaction / Time of debit of superior. Rs. 100/- (Inclusive of Service Tax)

Registered Workplace: 101-201-301. Natraj, Junction of Western Share Highway & Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400069.

SBI General Insurance provider Limited

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SBI Basic Insurance Company Ltd.

TERMS & CIRCUMSTANCES (Applicable intended for the Certificate of Insurance issued below Master Coverage No: 137300-0000-00) • • This Plan can be bought simply by any long lasting Indian homeowner having a Savings Bank/Individual Current Account with SBI and older between 18 years to 65 years. Irrespective of the range of accounts the Insured provides with some of State Traditional bank of India / Express Bank of Hyderabad / State Lender of Mysore / Point out Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur as well as State Traditional bank of Travancore / State Bank of Patiala, covered by insurance is eligible to take only 1 policy via SBI Standard Insurance. Our liability will be restricted to more Rs. 400000/- for negotiation of declare, if any, per your life. Coverage beneath this Insurance plan will be above & over any other...