Counterfeits of Trademark Products Essay

Counterfeiting of trademarked goods is actually a crime and an international trouble of tremendous scale. The importance of the international fakes trade is estimated to be $512 Billion yearly.

• Product sales of fakes may be money the activities of terrorists and violent gangs. Profits are high and risk can be low, creating this underworld industry very attractive to criminals.

There is some links among counterfeiting and terrorism. Terrorists need untraceable funds, and trafficking fakes is a profitable cash business. Stopping counterfeiters is good coverage for national security.

• Sweat retailers that create these merchandise often work with child labor and indentured servants in unsafe working environments.

• Sometimes the products themselves can be fatal such as fake pharmaceuticals that contain no medicine, baby formulation milk created using plaster, faulty electronics that catch flames, batteries that explode and counterfeit airline parts produced from soft light weight aluminum instead of titanium steel.

It's bad enough if a 'medicine' won't make you better, but in many cases these reproductions can make you sicker or –depending on the ingredients- even eliminate.

It is important to get consumers to know where their cash is going after they buy fakes. Although the victims are not constantly visible, there is no such factor as a victimless crime. The organization Threat Understanding Council can be described as voluntary group of professionals from your private and public industries whose main goals are to improve threat awareness, encourage best practices in threat supervision and organization counterintelligence, and to disseminate these details to American businesses. BTAC is a non-partisan and noncommercial organization. BTAC meetings will be forums to switch ideas, warn others to new and existing risks, and to satisfy like-minded professionals for the purpose of conditioning the system of Many commerce. A little Customs crew that searches shipments trying to find illegal knockoffs of...