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" THE NEED AND USE HABIT FOR SMALL DENOMINATION COINS” A study commissioned by Arrange Bank of India

July 2005


RBI: Will need and Work with Behavior pertaining to Coins________________________________________ ACCEPTANCE

We give thanks to Reserve Lender of India and the Mouthpiece Governor, Smt K. T. Udeshi pertaining to entrusting the assignment to us.

Were grateful to Shri P. K. Biswas, Executive Representative for sparing time through the assignment and providing us with beneficial feedback and guidance on the project. Shri P. K. Biswas and officers inside the Department of Currency Administration gave us valuable reviews and guidance on the Research Style and the set of questions.

We are incredibly grateful to Shri U. S. Paliwal, Chief Basic Manager, Mr Sarangi, Deputy General Administrator and the various other officers in the Department of Currency Managing for their administrative support.

Were equally grateful to the Banking personnel who had responded to each of our interviews. We are extremely grateful to the public who willingly participated in the interviews and were patient enough to respond to the questions. We are thankful to our local manuals particularly inside our survey in interior places.

We are certainly obliged for the our discipline research personnel for supporting in primary data collection, the research co-workers who accomplished the data entry, the Production Product for offering the statement in time and also to the Secretarial staff for valuable assistance.


July 2005


RBI: Will need and Employ Behavior for Coins________________________________________ MATERIAL


Business Summary 1 ) The study in " Need and Use behavior to get Small Denomination coins” a. Focus of the study b. Exploration Issues 2 . Methodology a. Research Design and style b. Advancement Measures c. Pre-testing of Questionnaire g. Sampling Section A: Data and Evaluation Combined for all those three claims 3. Want and Use Behavior to get Small Denomination Coins between Customers 4. Need and Use Habit for Small Denomination Money among Control 5. Evaluation of data coming from Banks Section B: Point out wise Research 6. Require and Work with Behavior to get Small Denomination Coins inside the state of Bihar six. Need and Use Tendencies for Little Denomination Money in the state of Uttar Pradesh almost eight. Need and Use Habit for Tiny Denomination Cash in the express of Western Bengal on the lookout for. Comparative Examination across declares Section C: Concluding Comments 10. Overview of Outcomes



RBI: Need and Employ Behavior for Coins________________________________________ Annexure 1: Development of Measures Annexure 2: Customer survey for Open public Annexure 3: Questionnaire for Trade Annexure 4: Set of questions for Banking institutions Annexure 5: Respondent Syndication by Position Annexure six: State sensible Data about Sample Account for Consumer and for Control


RBI: Need and Use Patterns for Coins________________________________________

EXECUTIVE SYNOPSIS The focus with the study is to understand the supply and make use of small denomination coins. An example survey of shoppers, trade and banks was carried out in five city and five rural locations in all the three says of Bihar, U. L. and W. B. The study observed which the use of little denomination cash was poor. The problem was less of availability of little denomination cash and more of behavior from the three matters that influence the use of tiny denomination money, customer, transact and banks. The study discovered that the consumers are unaggressive and do practically nothing when control does not offer coin transform. A part of customers want to transact in small denomination coins nevertheless the reluctance of trade to accept coins decrease these clients in the use of coins. The passive nature of customers, unwillingness to displease traders and...