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 Sealed Air Case Study Exploration Paper

Sealed Surroundings Case Study

Particular date: 11/14/2011

Section: Monday

Ziyu(Vivien) Gong A20269093

Wenxin (Chloe) Liu A20267862

Xinyun (Amy) Qiu A20275778

Yingqiu (Chris) Zhu A20272743

Chongliang (Leo) Zhuge A20266231


Closed Air Company is the marketplace leader in coated air bubble items in The united states and even European countries. In 81, the case outlined the most difficult business obstacle: the quick displacement of coated bubble by a technologically inferior but inexpensive uncoated product. Thinking about the current market tendency, we suggest that Sealed Air flow should immediately enter the uncoated market to take care of its leadership position in the market by cover more sections catered the price conscious group. Besides, all of us suggest that it may create a sub-brand for the uncoated item to protect the parent manufacturer image, and decrease the production of thin layered products, which may be substitute by the uncoated one. в…Ў INTRODUCTION

A decade ago, Closed air Organization was the primary company to produce a very powerful coated air-bubble packaging security product, AirCap. However , industry trend demonstrates that uncoated bubble is becoming more popular. Emerging uncoated bubble require, poses an immediate threat towards the long-term stability of specialized advantages, the price of high quality AirCap. Therefore , Closed Air Corporation is faced with a key situation. It specializes in the production of high-grade covered stress proportion of overall performance to cost foam, or perhaps segments to a low-quality, inexpensive uncoated bubble to continue processing. In this case, the report can analyze just how intense is definitely the industry competition, and firm internal environment evaluation aimed at the low-end market sections of the feasibility. Uncoated product will be considered as the next inbound marketing strategy.


A. Problem Identity

Sealed Air flow is confronted with the challenge of any newly released product on the market – uncoated cushioning. The challenge in the case is usually...