Essay upon Case Study about Unemployment in the Philippines


Cherry Grace Cuizon

Danice Marie Lorenzo

Roselle Corpuz

Roleen Carl Cuarteron

Ralph Anthon Tato


The increasing number of unemployment rate in the Philippines and parallel to this is the elevating number of the indegent Objectives

Substitute Course of Action

Clearing the majority of the Filipino people by feudal bondage through a authentic agrarian change program and rural industrialization. Establishing a livelihood and vocational courses in at any time community if possible to give opportunities to those undergraduates. Optimizing community capital to allow the country to produce the needs of the domestic market plus the local economic system and provide gainful employment towards the populace through nationalist industrialization; careful utilization of our natural resources pertaining to local sector. Developing the human resources through a patriotic and democratic traditions. Indulging in to an independent, similarly beneficial relation with international countries; setting up a patriotic and pro-people government and instituting a sovereign and democratic metabolism. Implementation

The government should be capable of freeing the Philippine people by centuries-old se?orial bondage or perhaps improve the persons beneficiaries' output and put into practice genuine rustic reform and rural industrialization. The government will need to establish a sustenance and vocational programs in each and every community since not all Philippine people have completed their research and those undergraduates have opportunities to have a job. The us government should showcase industrialization and full career based on appear agricultural advancement and provincial reform, through industries which make full and efficient make use of human and natural methods, and which are competitive in both household and international markets. The government, especially the DENR should apply rules regarding the proper use of our natural resources and we, the people should use nature properly and carefully mainly because natural...