Balance Sheet and Costs Essay

To: Craig Anson

From: Jessica Terlaak

Subject: Costs to become included in products on hand

Date: 08/31/2014

Business Simple

Justin Anson Distillery, Inc. has been distilling whiskey as 1935, becoming a million dollar firm simply by 1960. This unique brand uses iron-free planting season water found in the work process and fire-charred maple barrels employed in the aging process. This season, production was determined to expand and a loan of $3. a few million should be used in order to continue with this kind of expansion, but a net loss of $895, 000 can be showing no matter sales of $46. a couple of million, and may deter your bank from granting the necessary bank loan. The purpose of this brief is always to discuss a method to change the important thing by raising the net income and reducing a existence of a net loss. The condition this company looks is that without this financial loan, continuing the availability expansion will not be able to be financed, and this can be fixed by simply changing these costs listed as different costs into costs which can be charged to inventory costs. This would replace the bottom line by increasing the internet profit, not anymore showing a net loss. The key problem to be responded in this circumstance is whether or perhaps not the cost of barrels used during the year can be viewed as an inventoriable cost. Examination

The production costs which might be essential to generate the bottled whiskey available for sale to bulk suppliers include the costs necessary to convert the recycleables into the rum, such as grain, yeast, and malt, plus the cost of the direct labor to convert these materials, and the expense of overhead items that are used to enable the workers to do the change. The issue of debate is whether or perhaps not the materials that are needed for getting older of the rum, the barrels, can be considered a part of the developing costs which might be essential for the availability. Since the rum is not just a sellable or perhaps finished good without the aging process, it appears that barrels should be considered an inventoriable expense. It is...

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