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Treaty of Versailles Norming Session

It had been the strength of the opposition pushes, both generous and conservative, rather than the ineptitude and stubbornness of Leader Wilson that led to the Senate beat of the Treaty of Versailles.

I. Solid, clearly developed thesis that evaluates the relative importance of different causes in the failing to validate the Treaty of Versailles (8-9) Thesis addresses the role of numerous factors (5-7)

Limited or perhaps undeveloped thesis (2-4)

No thesis or a thesis that does not talk about the question (0-1) II. Shows effective evaluation of the position of Wilson as well as both liberal and conservative opposing team; balance not necessary. Limited research

Deals with problem in general method; simplistic, shallow treatment Not enough or inappropriate understanding of the question

Does the thesis address each of the parts of the question and have a side in the debate? Will the thesis point out a contestable argument?

What information might the article have to show prove it is thesis?

A) Wilson's obduracy, pigheadedness and the opposition of the celebrations, mainly in the liberals, similarly caused the defeat of the Treaty by Senate.

B) The defeat of the Treaty of Versailles was as a result of long-standing coverage of isolationism, the unwillingness of Our elected representatives to modify the Cosmetic, and the desire of the United States to imperialize different nations.

C) Although the stubbornness and incompetence of Wilson detracted from the possibility of the Treaty moving, the ultimate reason behind its beat was the durability of the competitors and the public opinion that they broken up.

D) The failure of ratification was largely because of the formidability of conservatives whom disliked intercontinental obligations specified by the treaty as well as liberals who presumed that the treaty did not give a tranquil future. Wilson's personal obduracy, pigheadedness only was obviously a small component to these two inconsistant forces.

III. Effective utilization of a...